Quality Processes That Ensures Design-Build Success

Why Design-Build?

One Contract: Like the master builder, generic viagra sildenafil a design-builder is solely accountable for the successful design and construction of your building. Nev-Cal Construction, viagra buy view Inc. serves as an extension of your organization, ensuring your building meets the needs of your business and reflects your culture. This minimizes your project risk.

Integrated Design: Design-build provides great design while balancing image, function, quality, sustainability and cost expectations. During design programming, we present design options and together determine your critical project components, avoiding costly backtracking and redesign.

Speed: The on-time delivery of your project is equally important to meeting your design and budget expectations. Scheduling and estimating proceed on a parallel track with design, allowing for a faster, more reliable delivery.

Advantages of the Nev-Cal Construction, Inc. Design-Build Delivery System

Design-Build is in Our Company DNA: Nev-Cal was an early pioneer in design-build. It isn’t a trend or the latest thing. It is who we are, it’s how we think, it’s what we do best. A Fully Integrated Team: As we’ve added to our services over the years, we’ve looked at the entire design-builders process, looking for efficiencies and cost savings from the earliest stages of development and site selection through design, construction and ultimately, to the management and maintenance of your building. No matter what range of services you need, our experience and knowledge at delivering fully integrated design-build solutions can benefit your project.

Quality: We’re committed to advancing our design-build delivery. Utilizing business improvement methodology and technologies like BIM (Building Information Modeling), we’re infusing the process and your project with value and optimizing design, quality and long-term sustainability.

Customized Project Delivery: Our design-build delivery system is a disciplined process based on your input and expectations. Together, we will establish project goals and tailor a project plan to your priorities.

Team Approach: From day one, design, development, architecture & engineering are all on the table. The Nev-Cal team continually collaborates to create the ultimate in efficiency and value.